Ce isi doresc tinerii in 2014

Vor chestii vechi si lucruri noi. Alcool, Conversi, droguri, Snapchat, Instagram, selfies, iPhone, Tumblr, sex.

Despre Facebook

Facebook is kinda dying out, but everyone knows it’s one of the first things employers will check, so they try to keep it clean. It’s also the place where everyone will put their pictures from trips, holidays, skiing and such. Also every class has a facebook group on which they share homework (not the daft punk album)

Cica nu mai e la moda sa fii tampit si rautacios cu ceilalti

Honestly, that’s more of the media fed “cool” stuff. As far as what people actually like, it’s honestly just nice people that are fun(ny). The old stereotype of the popular asshole is pretty much dead.

Batai erau si pe vremea noastra, acum e la moda sa ai si clipul cu paruiala.

Fighting: many students have gotten into fights either in this school or in previous schools that they were kicked out of. We had a discussion on it earlier this semester, and many of them view it as a status symbol. If you won a fight and there is video evidence of it, you are cool. Also if you are someone with video of a fight, you are considered cool.

A trebuit sa caut pe Google unele dintre chestii, ca nu stiam ce inseamna. Dintr-un AskReddit cat un jurnal al tinerilor din 2014. Peste 20.000 de comentarii in doar 11 ore.

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3 thoughts on “Ce isi doresc tinerii in 2014

  1. Dorian
    March 31, 2014 at 22:28


    • Andrei
      March 31, 2014 at 22:31

      bun share.

  2. Mihai Pintilie
    April 10, 2014 at 22:29

    Daca astea erau si la dispozitia noastra la vremea respectiva, probabil ca aceleasi lucruri ni le-am fi dorit si noi. Problema e acum… iti mai aduci aminte ce iti doreai tu la varsta aceea? Ca mie nu imi mai sta capul la zilele alea.

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