Englezii doneaza pentru un magazin romanesc

In timpul unor proteste anti-Brexit de aseara, din Norwich, magazinul unor romani a fost incendiat (“petrol bombed”). Doamna, romanca, nu avea asigurare. As zice ca e romanism pur asta cu asigurarea, dar nu stim toata povestea.

Ideea e ca niste englezi au demarat o campanie de donatii pentru femeie si fiica ei, care s-au ales cu magazinul distrus. In cateva ore, englezii au donat peste 7000 de lire, desi tinta era de doar 500 de lire. Si mai sunt 30 de zile in care se poate dona.


Mi-au placut comentariile celor care au donat (va las doar cateva dintre ele):
“As soon as the fixing is done we will all be buying from your shop. Best wishes and stay strong.”
“I hope you can see from all the support how much we all want you to get back on your feet and run a great shop again. Together we’re stronger xx”
“I’m so dreadfully sorry. I’m ashamed of being from the UK at the moment. Please believe me, that not all of us are racist thugs. I still believe most of us in the UK are kind, caring and welcoming. This page demonstrates the finest of us xx”
“Words fail me. Please don’t give up.”
“Please accept this as a small token of apology for some mindless thugs who do not represent the majority. I hope you recover from this and feel welcome in your community. Good luck.”
“Norwich’s fortune was built on the back of Strangers. You remain welcome. Stay strong and stay put. Together we will defeat the people who use the referendum result as a way of legitimising hate crime”
“I’m so sorry that this has happened to you in our city. Please know that you are welcomed and supported by the vast majority of people here. I hope the police catch the criminal that did this!”

Povestea, suma adunata si comentariile englezilor cu mai multa minte decat am crede noi (mai ales dupa Brexit) le gasiti aici.


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3 thoughts on “Englezii doneaza pentru un magazin romanesc

  1. Anne-Marie
    July 8, 2016 at 16:29

    Cele mai mare emoții le am cu #Brexit-ul ăsta și cu ultra-naționaliștii încuiați. Bine că n-ai arme, ca americanii.

  2. Adela Cacovean
    July 8, 2016 at 17:38

    Ce oameni frumoși!

  3. Dani
    July 16, 2016 at 13:30

    E trist cand auzi ca se intampla chestii de genul in tari ca Anglia. Dar e bine ca sunt destui oameni frumosi care vor sa faca o diferenta. Deja suma donata a ajuns la £30,150. Din cate am citit pe pagina de donatii, patroana magazinului vrea sa doneze o mare parte din suma pentru o cauza nobila.

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